b.1991, Sussex, UK

Based in Sheffield, UK

S1 Artspace, The Scottish Queen, 21-24 South Street, Park Hill, Sheffield, S2 5QX

email: vickyhayward6@gmail.com

Instagram: @vjhayv @toughmatter @dontlookbutt @allgirlsarsonclub


Leisure Time (Construction House), S1 Artspace, Sheffield. Opening 6-9pm Wednesday 5th December 2018

selected exhibitions:

2018       Bye Hun, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

TRYING, Goldtapped, Newcastle (Solo Show)

Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking, Attercliffe TM, Sheffield

2017         Blowing a Gail, curated by Womanstanley, Old Town House, Warrington

2015         Treat Yo Self, curated by It’s All Tropical, Bloc Projects, Sheffield

2014         Three Act Structure, S1 Artspace, Sheffield

                  £1 Fish, curated by It’s All Tropical, S1 Artspace, Sheffield

2013         The Confluence Project, CADS, Sheffield

2012         PRISM 13, Hutton’s Building, Sheffield

Recipient of the SIA Gallery Award in 2013

current projects

School of the Damned - Class of 2019

Tough Matter - As of January 2018 I co-founded a platform for discussion and collaboration across visual arts and music with fellow artist Ashley Holmes called ‘Tough Matter’. The project aims to create a discourse between these outlets through a number of strands, for example our ‘POSTER’ series - a commission for a selected artist to create two new prints, a playlist and a live AV event, bi-monthly NTS radio shows and the ‘PHOTO’ series, where artists are tasked with filling a disposable camera with the results displayed online in all their unedited glory. www.toughmatter.co.uk

CUTS - a multi-sensory archive documenting the internal and external factors that shapes the lives of a group of women over an initial period of three years, using the prompt of a haircut to initiate an exchange of some sort.

dontlookbutt – an online gallery of an irreverent drawing project where I combine blind contoured portraits with comical titles. Please see instagram @dontlookbutt.